Is Skateboarding Safe?

Skateboarding is a safe activity for you and your kids to do. Jump on a board attached to wheels and hit the road. Slide down street roads and try hopping over a small set of stairs. The sport of skateboarding has been around since the 1950s. Today, about 11.08 million people participate in the outdoor sport. Now, people in the sport have been known to have injuries to different body parts while skateboarding. But, it is always suggested by many skaters in the community to take baby steps and only risk what your not afraid of. Protective gear is available for people to prevent head injuries and bone fractures. You can take your first skate trip with all the protection you need and expect very minor injuries. Above all, practice and wear protective gear while skateboarding to have a safe experience.

practice and wear protective gear while skateboarding to have a safe experience

Practice and Learn How to Fall Down

Practice and learning how to fall down off a board is the first steps to being safe while skateboarding. Skateboarding is not a overnight process that requires you to do tricks the first day. First, get your board out and go to a flat area to practice. Practice standing, riding, and falling first. These are the basic steps that will help you become a descent skateboarder. As for falling, falling is the event that will happen many times until you learn how to skateboard. During this time, learn how to bail and land off your skatebaord. Bail is skateboard term for falling off board in a safe way. The general rule, when it comes to bailing on a board, is to land with feet first and get board away from you. Then, balance your body in a way to prevent you from hitting the ground hard.  Skaters also say relaxing helps you get less injuries while skateboarding too. The falling events happen really fast, so don’t blame yourself if you forget the first few falls. In time, you will find a way to make your falls hurt less. Consider getting helmets for skateboarding to make your injuries hurt less too.

Practice and Learn How to Fall Down

Wear Protective Head Gear and Pads

For beginners, it is recommended by all skaters in the community to wear helmets and pads. Don’t worry about people saying you don’t know how to skateboard. Wear protection the first few weeks and maybe months. Your probably going to hit your head on a pipe or ground more times than you can count. Also, bruise your elbow or knee on the sidewalk. Wear protective gear to prevent small damages and joint fractures. Start with the head gear first. You need a skateboard helmet that fits your head loosely. You don’t want a tight helmet because tight helmets cause scratches and possible red cuts. Also, tight helmets are uncomfortable for other reasons you’ll find out when skateboarding. Next, get your hands on some elbow pads and knee pads. Preferably, get the pads in black because their going to hit the ground more than your actual head. Once you have protective helmet and pads, your all set to go on the road and skate.

skaters wear helmets and pads

Visit Safe Areas for Skating

Skating in areas that are safe is more beneficial than you can imagine. Skateboarding is a legal sport. But, not in every area and around the wrong people you will find yourself talking to the cops. Always, plan to go to a safe area for you to skateboard adventures. A nice skate park or a parking lot nobody cares about is a good place to start. Skateboard parks would be the best because they make obstacles out of wood, which feels a lot better than concrete. Go with friends to make it extra safe and help you with your skateboard mistakes. Wear helmets for skateboarding as well. I know you like skateboarding and having fun. But, wearing a helmet is good for any trip down hills, free falls, and rails. Once your head hits the ground, your mind gets fussy and you can possibly lose your thinking functions.

Visit Safe Areas for Skating

Always Wear the Right Clothes

Skateboarding feels right when your wearing appropriate clothes. Never wear anything too baggy or too lose. Those clothes will cause you to flip out of no where or trip over yourself. You want all your clothes to fit you like it’s the 1980s. I’m not talking about clothes that are tight like the year 2018. Those pants will rip you a new injury for falling or make your injuries more painful No, pants that fit but not super tight. Long sleeve shirts a little bigger than you that cover your arms and your not afraid to get them dirty. In addition, put on some shoes that are closed towed and comfortable. This will make your walking days much easier to deal with. Open toed shoes are bad and can cause you to have some painful toe injuries. You could see your nails pull back in the most disgusting way too. For all your skate boarding events, wear appropriate clothes to prepare yourself and be less annoyed about skating.

Always Wear the Right Clothes

Skateboarding is a safe experience to have. Yes, your going to fall down many times during the first 3 months. But, that is part of the journey you must take to become a descent skateboarder. Most, skateboarders in the community want you to take baby steps with protective gear. Strap on a skateboard helmet and pads. Spend your first moments at flat areas and learn the basics. In time, your skate boarding experience will teach you everything you need to know to be safe with skateboarding. Are the first times going to be scary? Yes, it will be scary because you have no idea what to do. But, the fear will pass and you will learn what to do like all the first time skateboarders before you. Give skateboarding a chance and remember you can always wear protective skate gear to prevent bone fractures.

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Park Bathroom Notice

The Ojai Skateboard Park Restroom will be closed for renovation beginning Monday, April 16 and is expected to re-open on Friday, May 18.  A permanent sewer connection is being installed and a portable restroom will be available for use during this time which will be located in the parking lot near the skateboard park.

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